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Welcome to Pawn of Trinity

First of all, for my reason on picking Pawn of Trinity as my domain name.

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Pawn of Trinity Idealogy

Why I pick PAWN OF TRINITY as my domain name. The name has a religious importance to me. I am a Christian and will always be a Christian. Now of course, one of many ideology that distinguish Christianity from other monotheists religions is the belief of TRINITY. What do I mean by believing in TRINITY is by understanding that there is one God and God is made up of three parts as follows:

* Believing in our Heavenly Father which is part of God's entity
* Believing in our brother and saviour, Jesus Christ which is the Son of our Heavenly Father and part of God's entity
* Believing in the Holy Spirit which is part of God's entity

These three parts makes up Christian Trinity. I also believe everybody is part of a greater plan created by God. One way of comprehending this idea is associating it to chess. There is a piece from the chess game that can be associate with an individual an it is the chess Pawn. Why a Chess Pawn?

For these reasons:

* There are many Pawn pieces on the Chess board
* The weakest piece is the Pawn
* An the most important piece on the Chess board is the Pawn (The reason why is because only a Pawn can bring back another chess piece back to life except for the King). Note in this case the King resembles God

So at the end I pick the name because I believe in Trinity and like chess I believe everybody are pawns in the world doing God's work. Hence, Pawn of Trinity which mainly means:

A pawn of the Christian God.



©2008 Pawn of Trinity




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